2012 Annual Fund Donors

Thank you to our special donors who contributed to the 2012-2013 Annual Fund Drive! We have done our best to include all our generous donors. If there has been an oversight, please contact us at skirby@theavalon.org, and we will make the necessary corrections.

The following gifts were received before October 31, 2013.


Diane and Norman Bernstein Family Foundation
Heather Burns and Kathleen Maloy
Christopher and Carol Sue Fromboluti
Donetta George
Paul and Annie Mahon


Janice and Kim Abraham
Susan Blaustein and Alan Berlow
Steven and Lauren Boyle
Phyllis and Barry Caldwell
Bill and Lynn Choquette
Bonnie and Louis Cohen
Combined Federal Campaign of the National Capital Region
Rosa Dean
Michael and Rena Gordon
Mr. and Mrs. Temple Grassi
Cathy MacNeil Hollinger and Mark Hollinger
Joseph and Lynne Horning
Peter and Ann Kolker
Kevin Lavin and Mora Solano Lavin
Jodie Levin-Epstein and Barry Zigas
Judith Mazo and Louis Seidman
Anne McGuirk
Mark and Louise Novitch
Margaret Parsons
Ann Pelham and Bob Cullen
Claire Reade and Earl Steinberg
Raymond and Maria Turner
George and Carol Warner
Beth Wehrle and Matthew Miller/ Miller-Wehrle Family Foundation
Juliet Zucker and Keith Laughlin


Kent and Carmen Amos
Beth and Hilding Anderson
Jane and Robert Asher
Linna Barnes and Chris Mixter
Andrew Bartley and Jill Herscot
Elizabeth and Justin Bausch
Joan Benesch
Ed and Lois Berkowitz
Mahe Bogdanovic/Arucola Osteria
Joel Bonder and Kim Holmes
William and Margaret Breer
Harold Bucholtz
Amelie and Bernei Burgunder/S. Kann Sons Company Foundation
James and Kathryn Byrd
Caitrine Callison/Secondi
Craig and Ana Channell
Nancy and Edward Clark
Thomas Cohen and Harriet Bronstein
David and Patricia Cohn
John Cole and Nancy Gwinn
David Crane
Doris Criswell
Kamer Davis
Claudia and Peter Donovan
Richard and Pamela Feinstein
Benjamin and Leila Fitzpatrick
Harriette and Allan Fox
Sylvia Fubini
Maureen Gardner
Chris Gattuso
Jeffrey Gildenhorn/American City Diner
Mary Gilligan
Peter and Denise Glassman
Arthur Goldberg and Sarajane Johnson
Kelly Goode
Alan Gourley and Sarah Brown
Stephen Haas
Leslie Harris and Peter Basch
Suzette Hemberger and Jay Smith
Lynne Hornyak Heriot
Elizabeth Hilder and Randy Smith
Susan Jaquet
Michone Johnson
Jerome and Deena Kaplan/Kaplan Family Foundation
Erma Kerst
Susan Klinger
Christopher Klose and Inga Smulkstys
Arlene and Robert Kogod
Sanjiv Kumar and Mansoora Rashid
Susan Lebeaux and Irving Gornstein
Sharon Leininger
Jon Lenzner and Matea Gold
Griffin and Linda Lesher
Lorraine Gallard and Richard Levy
Seena Levy
Judy Licht
Susan and Norman Linsky
Andrew and Linda Loewinger
Kathe and Bill McDaniels
Kathleen and Jack McKay
Barbara Meade
Nancy J. Nelson
Adam Nemzer and Vali Tschirgi
Jeffrey Norman
Larry and Melanie Nussdorf
David Oldfield and Merilee Jenssen
Donal O’Leary and Roslyn Hees
Margot and Joseph Onek
Amy and Peter Pastan
Theodore and Lea Pedas
Phillips and Jania Peter
James and Elizabeth Pickman
Amos Posner
Anne & Henry Reich Family Foundation
Royal and Johnathan Rodgers
Alice Rivlin and Sidney Winter
Trina and Lee Rubenstein
Ruina Family Fund
James and Mary Sasser
Linda Schwartz
Douglas Shanklin
Sean and Cindy Sherman
Jean Simons and Steven Solow
Daniel and Maxine Singer
Stanley Sobel and Elizabeth Nicholas
Janet St. Amand
Elizabeth Stevens
Merrielou and Edward Symes
Martina Taylor
James and Cynthia Tuite
Rangeley Wallace and James Denvir
Robert Weinberg and Katherine Gruenheck
Bob and Kathy Wenger/The Wenger Family Foundation
Gloria White and David Gogol
Evans Witt and Amy Sabrin
Bob and Evelyn Wrin
Angela and Daniel Yergin
Maura and David Young
Marjorie Zapruder
Cynthia Baker and Jon Zeitler
Robert and Joanne Zich
Joanne and Jim Zucchetto


Anonymous (2)
Iris Aberbach
Jessica Abrahams
Leslie Adelman
M. Asuncion Aquila-Planelles and Manuel Penalver-Quesada
Sharon Ahmad
Marta Ames
Marianne Amin
Anna Anderson
Edward Angel and Susan Lamountain
Harvey and Bets Applebaum
Drs. Bryan and Donna Arling
Dotty Arnold
Gary Arnold
Nancy and Robert Asman
Hugh Auchincloss
Agatha and Laurence Aurbach
Doris and John Babcock
Hope Babcock
Leonard Bachman
Margaret Bacon
Isabelle Badoux
Ann Bailey
Arlene Balkansky
Barbara Bares and Marc Efron
David Barmak
Dale and Jory Barone
Ernest Clifford Barrett III
Charlene Barshesky and Edward Cohen
Rhoda Baruch
Allen and Martha Beach
Peter Beckerman and Kimberly Gross
Richard Belanger
Ann Berger
Ira and Martha Berlin
Joe Berman and Marsha Gentner
Lionel and Joan Bernstein
Tracy Bernstein
Celeste Biagini
Verna Bickerstaff
Alice Bishop
Ann and Bob Bittman
Anita Bizzotto
Jane Blair
Sharon Block and Kevin Hovland
Carol and Stephen Bluestone
Kathleen Blunt
Richard and Elizabeth Bohrer
Deborah Bowles
Thompson and Judith Bowles
Judith Brace
Judge Susan G. Braden and Thomas M. Susman
Rich Bradley and Ellen McCarthy
John and Joan Bray
Robert and Lucy Bremner
Anna Brooke
Jay Brozost
Denise and John Buchanan
Sallybeth Bumbrey
Janet and John Buresh
Frances and Leonard Burka
Andrew Burness and Hope Gleicher
Martin Burns and Wendy Kahn
Timothy Burr
Mary Burrus
Kenneth and Linda Button
Mayra Buvinic
Arch Campbell
Thomas Carothers
Katherine and Wilbur Chase
Janice Clark
Philip and Roseanne Clausen
Jeanne Cohn-Connor
Bruce and Carrie Collins
Susan Connolly
Mary and Robert Cooper
Andrea Corcoran
Victoria Cordova
Antonietta Corvasce and Stephen Goldstein
Sarah Courtney
Edith Couturier
Susan Crawford
Nancy Crisman
William and Jean Crocker
David Cushing and Julie Chapman
Oliver and Roxanne Davidson
Laurie Davis and Joe Sellers
Martin Davis
Terrence Day
Ms. Dallas P. Dean
Carol Delany
Joan and William Devine
Diana Dial
Mark Diskin
Lynn Dixon
Diane and Lowell Dodge
Douglas and Joan Dodge
Laura Donoghue
Charles and Cynthia Dougherty
Tom Downs
Ron Dreben and Alison Richards
John Dreyfuss
Joanna and John Driggs
Jill Duffy and Steve Young
Peggy Dugan
Karl DuPuy and Margaret Kepner
Deborah Dusault
George and Margaret Eads
Jerry and Faith Earll
Mary and Bob Eccles
Susan Edelheit and Harold Freilich
Bradley Edgell
Elizabeth and David Edminster
Joan and Tony Edwards
Margarita Egan and Brook Manville
Kathleen El Maaroufi
Mel and Margery Elfin
Diana and Stephen Elkin
Karen Elkins and Jerry Weir
Robert and Judith Elliott
Kristin and Kevin Ellis
Sally Lamar Ellis and Stuart Taylor
Anthony and Marjorie Elson
Ronald and Belle Elving
Kate Emanuel
James Emery
Aaron and Jackie Epstein
Carol Epstein
David and Arlene Epstein
Sarah Epstein and Donald Collins
Daniel Ericson
Clare Evans
Wendy Farrow
Wilson Felder and Laura Stottlemyer
Peter and Alison Fenn
Lois and Alan Fern
Mary Ellen Fernandez
Michael and Regina Feuer
Janet Firshein
Jane Flax
Barbara Fletcher
Mary Ann and Peter Floto
Carla and James Flug
Cathy and Donald Fogel
Janet Forest
Benson and Pamela Forman
Jefrey Fox
Barbara and John Franklin
Candida Fraze and Peter Moskovitz
Bevan and Mary-Hill French
Julia and Carlos Gabel
Danny Gainsburg
Kathryn Gandal
Margaret Gaston
Jeffrey and Elaine Gaynes
Tanya George and Norman Rosenberg
Martha Blechar Gibbons
Joseph and Alma Gildenhorn
Margaret Gilligan and Peter Challan
Andrew Gilman and Dianne Rudo
Laura Ginns
Nancy Glick and Michael Leaveck
Saul and Gail Goodman
Sharon Goodman and Scott McNeilly
Susan Gordon
Peter Gould
Ruth Gramlich
Donald and Demetra Green
Thomas Green
Sally Greenberg and Abbe Smith
Robert and Phyllis Greenberger
Suzanne Grefsheim
Henry Griffin and Pam Wintle
Leah Guidry and Stacy Evans
Regine Guillemin
Gunther and Anita Gumpert
Dorothy Gusler
Janet Hahn and Ken Simon
Susan Hamburger
Andrea Harnett
Virginia Harper
Betsy Ann Harris
Robert Harrison
Amb. and Mrs. A. A. Hartman
Heidi Hatfield and Charles Karelis
Polly and Thomas Heath
Lawrence and Anne Heilman
Frank Heselton
Thomas Hesselbrock
Ulrich Hewer
Marcella Hilt
Jim and Cynthia Hinchman
William Hindle
Kristine Holland and Jonathan Banks
Melinda Holmes and Desmond Hogan
Thomas Holzman and Alison Drucker
Sher Hope
Paul Hopper
Marcia and Donald Horn
Leigh Houck and Lawrence Buc
Michelle Hsu
Clare Hume
Frederick Humphreys
Elinor Green Hunter and Joel Hunter
Linda Jacobson
Anne Jarman
Edward and Victoria Jaycox
Mark Joelson
David and Anne Johnson
Carolyn Johnson
Elizabeth and James Johnston
Margaret Johnson
Elliott Jones
Rochelle and Selig Kainer
Joyce Kaiser and Burt Barnow
James and Elizabeth-Alida Kane
Daniel Kaplan
Lynn and Taylor Keith
Charles Kelly and Barry Kostinsky
Geoffrey Kemp
Aviva Kempner
Cameron Kennedy
Mary Kennedy and Gerald Fisher
Freddy and Laila Khoury
Paul Kilmer and Susan Conti
Lisa Kimball and John Cooney
Elizabeth King
Stephanie and Douglas Kinney
Daniel Korengold and Martha Lyn Dippell
John Koskinen
Edith Kramer
Sandra Kronsberg and Gerald Skalka
Susan Laden
Angela Lancaster
Christopher and Tomi Landis
Sam and Elaine Langerman
Lyn Lansdale
Patricia Larkin
Lora Leavy
George Legarreta
Maite and Evan Leo
Josh Levin and Debra Fried Levin
Charlotte and Reginald Lewis
Jane and Jay Lewis
John and Kathleen Lewis
Michael Lewis and Linda Singer
Dr. and Mrs. Randall J. Lewis
Anne Lindenfeld
Albert and Doris Lindquist
Jan Lipkin
Katherine Livingston
R. Gerald and Jeanne Livingston
Constance Lohse and Robert Brewer, Jr.
Norman Lord
Mariana and Armando Lourenco
Gail and Richard Love
Norman and Naomi Luban
Robert and Benita Lubic
Jane Luton
Jennifer Lyman and Gregory Schmidt
Andrew and Amy Mack
George and Karen Marcou
Daniel Marcus
Heidi Markovitz
Michael Massella
Ted and Peg Mastroianni
Beth Mauser
Alice and Gordon Maxson
Michael and Hannah Mazer
William McBride
Mr. and Mrs. Robert McCloskey
Sarah and Jason McCullough
Mike and Carol McGarry
Lori McGrogan
Greg McGuire
David and Tracy McPherson
Sheila Meehan
Philip Mendelson
Ara Mesrobian
Jeanine and Donald Messer
Mark Michael and Margarita Prieto
William A. Michie
Mary Miers
Linda and Robert Mikkelson
William Milam
Pauline Milius
Antoinette Miller
June and H. Todd Miller
Richard and Ellen Miller
Louise Millikan
Richard Mintz and Helaine Greenfeld
Hazel Moore
David Morgan
Anne and Bob Morin
Barbara and David Morowitz
Tessa Morris
Barbara Morrison
Janice Moscowitz
Kathy and Frank Moss
Eleanor and Athanasios Moulakis
Richard and Lynda Mounts
Natalie Mulitz
Edward Murphy
Adele Natter
Kathleen Nelich
Maureen Nelson
Margaret Neuse
Virginia Newmyer
Robert Nicholas and Meg Crowlie
Susan and F.W. Niedenfuhr
Aimee and Robert Nover
Dave Nuttycombe and Hetty Lipscomb
Tom Oberdorfer
Brendan O’Neill
Thomas Paci
Susan Papadopoulos
Lydia and Sanford Parnes
Shilpa Patel
Elizabeth Paull
Paul Pearlstein
Carter Perry
Jane Petit-Moore and Jean L. Petit
Michael and Jill Phillips
Katherine Phillips-Connolly
Donovan and Katherine Picard
Arlene and Frank Pietranton
Robert and Sally Pitofsky
Karen Possner
Robert and Susan Post
Mrs. Claire-Lise Presel
Richard James Price
Barbara and Fred Prince
Laura Quinn
Reena and Jeffrey Racki
Patrick and Rosalinda Raher
Stuart Reiter
Elizabeth Respess
Beverly and Dan Rezneck
Susan Richardson
Peter Riddleberger
Carol Ridker
Jacqueline Rizik
Lynda Robb
Barbara and Sherman Robinson
Cynthia Rohrbeck and Phil Wirtz
Peg Romanik
Joel and Cynthia Rosenberg
Carla and H. David Rosenbloom
Elizabeth Ross
Eugene and Aphrodite Rossides
Jim Roumell and Deborah Billet-Roumell
Richard and Sylvia Rowe
Roger Ruckman
Amy Rudnick and Michael Zeldin
Paul and Sara Russell
Paul Ruppert and Sarah Buscher
John and Virginia Ryan
Jean Ellen and Charles Alan Samuels
Fern Flanagan Saddler
Nancy Sanders
Kathleen Sanzo
Ruth Saxe
William and Therese Scanlin
Marylin and Richard Schaengold
John Schappi
Alice Coleman Schelling and Thomas Schelling
Barbara Scherer
Susan Schmedes and John Gorman
Lee and Elizabeth Schoenecker
Lynn Schoenfelder
William and Patricia Schofield
Bob and Josefa Scholz
Burton Schorr
Barbara Schubert
Carol and Bob Schwartz
Daniel C. and Teresa Moran Schwartz
Ron Schwarz and Marcia Feuerstein
Leslie Seagrave
John Seidenberg
Tom and Carol Seitz
Andrew and Sharon Sens
Filiz Serves
Judith and Hershel Shanks
Barbara Lee Shaw and Durwood Zaelke
David Shaw
Robert Sheehan
Peter and Claudia Sherman
Betty Shirley and Martha Lee Randall
Joan Siegel
Ira and Gerry Siegler
Barbara Silverstein
Harold and Carrie Singer
George and Jamie Sinks
Mimi and Joseph Slavin
Marianne and Clare Soponis
James Sottile
Michael Sprague
John and Dana Springer
Elaine and Bob Stanley
Nina Stark-Slapnik
Beverly and Robert Stearns
Lenora and Richard Steinkamp
Virginia and Robert Stern
Merrily and Maury Sterns
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Stillman
Margaret Stohner
Barbara Stout
Carol Sutherland and Charles Wilding-White
Karen Swiderski and Jim Prust
Alexandra Tan and Joel Rappaport
Nancy and John Tanner
Peter Tanous
David and Edith Tatel
Christopher Tawa
Richard and Jeanie Teare
Ruth Thomas
Gerald Thompson
Linda and Steuart Thomsen
Bonnie Thomson and Eugene Tillman
David Tillotson
Mary Ann Todd-Williams
Martha Toll and Daniel Becker
Willard Tom and Natalie Lichtenstein
Steven and Sarah Trauben
Marna Tucker and Lawrence Baskir
Donna Vallone and Edward Salsberg
Christine Vaughn
Solange Vivens
Frederick Waite and Sherrian Knight
Christine Waldmann
Darwin and Karen Walker
Katherine Wallace
Carol Wansong and Edward Loftus
Hal and Marilyn Weiner
Eric Weinstein
Les Weinstein
Susan and Kenneth Weinstein
Lucille Whieldon
Cathy Whitt
Susan Wiener
Robert and Diane Wilbur
Diane Willer
Demaris Williams
Victoria Williams
Scott and Noreen Winkelman
John Winkle
Wendee Wolfson
Eleanor and David Woods
Aileen Worthington and Karl Western
Amanda Wratharsby
Christopher and Holly Wright
K. Yancey
John Ydstie
Karen Yingst and Thomas Biederman
Hugh and Barbara Young
Linda Fink Young and Rick Young
Sharon Zamore
Gary Zizka and Mary Kay Zuravleff


Eileen and Richard Abbey
Leonard and Helen Abel
Stephen Abraham
Diane Adams and Dani Kauffman
Judith Adams
Nancy Adams
Mark and Abigail Adelman
David Adler
Javier Aguirre
Deborah Aiken
Joan Akman
Ann Albin
Nancy Alper and Ralph Kozlow
Susan Anthony
Laura and Perry Apelbaum
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Armstrong
Nancy Arons
John and Lisa Arterberry
Donna Marie Artuso
Peter and Genie Asmuth
Jane and Lawrence Atkinson
Mrs. Gerald Aurbach
Robert Averne
Judith Bailey and Michael Lund
Phillip Baker
Beverly Baker
Dr. Violet Baker
Lawrence Banker
Irene Barbeau
Ellen Barclay
Leslie Barr
Joanne Barrett
Robert and Paula Barrie
Myra and Jerome Barron
Peggy Barry
Barbara Bates
Douglas Beakes
Deanna Beane
Charles Bechhoefer
Leonard Becker
Ellen and David Berick
Paul Berman
Susan Berman and John Rogers
Marie-Louise and David Bernal
Steven Bernard and Clayton Collier
Rebecca and George Beuchert
Stuart Billings and Penelope Saltzman
Patricia and Ronald Bitondo
Moira Black and Henry Clay
Jenifer Bland
David and Barbara Bloch
Sheri and David Blotner
Tersh and Sarah Boasberg
George Borababy
Carol and Don Borut
Nancy Boswell
Roy and Susan Bowman
Alexander R.M. Boyle
Sue and Steven Bralove
Helen Breitbart
Vicki Breman
Bernice and Joel Breslau
Peter Breslow and Jessica Goldstein
Nancy and Lanny Breuer
Anne Briber
Cecilia Briceno
Anne Brill
Michael Brodie
Gordon and Olivia Brown
Harriette Brown
Leslie Buhler and Robert Berendt
Catherine Bye
Donald Byrne
Charles Cadwell and Mary Schapiro
Michael Calingaert
Robert and Adelina Callahan
Jay Campbell
Mary Candon
Eliza and Dan Carney
Kevin and Prudence Beidler Carr
Susan Carr
Thomas Carroll and Charlotte Jones Carroll
Marcia Carter
John and Beth Cartland
Edward and Ellen Casey
Elizabeth Casey
Breaux Castleman
Susan Caver
Gerald Choppin
Arthur and Betsy Chotin
Amy Christaldi
Jim and Melanie Choukas Bradley
Barbara Clark
George and Mary Clark
Nancy L. Clark
Carol Coffin
David Cohen
Ruth and David Cohen
J. Collins
Robert and Janis Colton
Sarah and Steve Comiskey
Joyce Constantine
Nancy J. Cooksy
Jeanette and Kenneth Cooper
Geoffrey Corbett
Margaret Coreth
Ann Louise Cowan
Donna Crisalli
Lance and Sandra Crist
Richard Cronin
Alan and Diane Cross
Kumiko Cross
Emily and Robert Culp
Michael Curran
Linda Currie and William Gordon
Darwin Curtis
Helen Dalton
Joseph D’Amico
Adrienne and Henry Danforth
Kersy and Delna Dastur
Michael and Karen Davidson
Cornelius and Kathy Davies
Patricia Davis
Bobo and Polly Dean
Leonor Debarreto
Cindy Demnitz
David Denny and Carol Jennings
Paula Desio and Geoffrey Piker
Andrea and Mark Dettelbach
Mary Janice and Frank Dicello
Anita Difanis and Richard Krajeck
Joan and Tom Dine
John Dinges
Cornelia Dodge
Maureen Donnelly
Hasan Dossal
Victoria and John Duff
Janet Duke
John Dwyer and Jan Kerr
Judge and Mrs. Timothy Dyk
Putnam and Charles Ebinger
Nancy and Condit Eddy
Peter and Marian Edelman
Elizabeth Ellis
Diana and Rick England
David Ensign
Edward Epstein
Darrell Fearn
Allen Feldman and Gail Simmons
Carole Feldman
Jan Feldman
Marlin and David Feldman
Gary and Naomi Felsenfeld
Jill Ferguson
Janet Fernandez
Nancy Ferris and Karen Warner
Barbara and James Finkelstein
Martha Finlator
Edward Finn
Mary Teresa Finney
Caryn Fiscella and Wallace Meissner
Jan and Kirk Flack
J. William Flanders
Sam Flax
Colden Florance
Juliet Folger
John Fredrickson
Andrew and Naomi Freeman
Nancy Frey
Kimberly Fried
Vincent and Christina Frillici
Katie and Mark Frohardt
Suzanne and Steven Fuchs
Irene Gad
Paul Gamble
Lawrence and Jan Gandal
Mary Alice Garber
Suzanne George and Nathan Tibbits
David Gessert
Phyllis Gestrin
Michael and Cleo Gewirz
Susan and Massimo Gigli
John Gill
Susan and Jake Gillespie
Sol and Nina Glasner
Naomi Glass
Marcia Glauberman
Jacquelyn Gluck
Debbie Goldman
Greer and Gerald Goldman
Ruth Goldman
Sue and Les Goldman
Donald and Martha Goldstone
Jean-Pierre Gombay
Cheryl Gorelick
Virginia and Jeffrey Gorman
Alison Gray
Mary Gray
Sharon Greene
JoAnn and Paul Gretch
Martha Griffin
James and Carol Griffith
David Grimsted and Patricia Froelicher
Hazel Groman
Peter and Shoshana Grove
Grace Guggenheim
John and Susan Gurley
Merna and Joseph Guttentag
Julie Haifley
Lakshmi Halper
Ed and Lucy Hand
Kenneth Hardman
Raymond and Merrill Hare
Tipayaporn Haritaworn
Cynthia Harrison
Polly Harrison
Rhona Hartman
John and Meg Hauge
Louise Havlicek
John Hawke
Katherine Hayes
Helen Heggestad
Lisa Heilbronn
Carolee Heileman
Judy Heimann
James and Lynne Heltman
Willia Hennigan
Maggie and Peter Heyward
Cecelia Hilgert
Nga and Barry Hillenbrand
Charles and Harriette Hobbs
Vita Hollander
Ann Holloway
Walter J. Horn, Jr.
Alice Horowitz
Marvene Horwitz
Charles Hoyt
Jim Hristakos
David and Estelle Hughes
Jane Hughes
Linda Hunter
Henry Hyatt
Gregory and Elizabeth Ingram
Lorna and T.N. Irvine
Margaret and Paul Isenman
Alice Jacobs and George Roman
Eva Jacobs
Armiger Jagoe
Juel Janis and Roger Langsdorf
Robert and Joan Janshego
Michael Jennison and Denise Fantone
Mr. and Mrs. C. Loring Jetton, Jr.
William Jones
David and Susan Jones
Richard Jones and Jane Sundelhof Jones
Sarah Jones
David and Alice Joseph
Sherry Kaiman
Peter and Karin Karp
Rheta Kasmer
John Katz and Beryl Voigt
Linda and Kenneth Kaufman
Louise and Robert Keeley
Carol Kellerman
Margaret Kenny
Robert Kerr
George Kinal
Marguerite Kingston
Lawrence Kirkland and Brendan Doyle
Carla Klevan
Phyllis Kline
Dolores Koenig
Joel Korn
Susan Korytkowski and Richard Knapp
Anthony and Patricia Kostreba
Amy Kotkin and Larry Lawrence
Dara and Todd La Porte
Margarita and Gus Ladas
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Lafionatis
Luis Landau
Debra Langford
Philip and Patricia Larson
Mary and Marshall Lasky
Tamar Lasky
Jeff and Phyllis Lavine
Jill Lawrence
Stephanie Lawson
Virginia Lawton
Karen LeBan and Michael Gibbons
Sande Lehrer
Bob and Ellen Leibenluft
Susan Lemkin
Jane E. Leonard
Lee Leonhardy
Enrique Lerdau
Philip Lerman and Rachel Wilder
Susan and Larry Lesser
Sander Levin
Erik Lichtenberg
Susan Lieberman and Stewart Reuter
Jane Liedtka
Sheryl Lincoln
Adam Liptak and Jennifer Bitman
Janet and Wingate Lloyd
Gerald Louinger
Clara Lovett
Tom and Linda Lucatorto
Dayla and Edward Luttwak
Martin and Andrea Lybecker
Robert Lynch
Jonathan and Linda Lyons
Patricia and Peter Maida
Linda Mallon and John Mueller
Dolores Maloney
Marianne Mandel
Athan Manuel
Zinnia Maravell
Mary Lynne Martin
Carol Matthews
Ashley Mattoon and David Leopold
Martha Matzke
Vera and Arnold Mayer
Arnold and Judy Mays
Linda McCaig
Nancy McCarren
Pat McCarrick
Janet McCarthy
Nancy and Nicholas McConnell
Betty McDonald
Claire McDonald
Carolynn McIntyre
Mary McManus
Kenneth Mead
Martha Mednick
Margaret Melady
Stephen and Leslie Melman
Allan and Laura Melmed
H. David Mendelsohn and Cynthia Shearin
Henry and Deborah Metzger
Sonya Michel
Ellie Miller
Floyd Miller and Jane Broendel
Margaret Miller
Sondra Mills
Elliott Milstein
Suzanne Mintz and Jon Elkind
Vanessa Mitchell
Dr. P. Modaber
Martha Mohler
John Montgomery
William Morgan
Leslie Morginson-Eitzen
Mary Mullin and Frederick Lough
Mary and Theodore Myer
Ruth Nadel
Mark and Beverly Nadel
Amy Nathan and Howard Fineman
Stephen Nelson
H. L. Newbill
Gary Newman
Kenneth Niles and Ethel Pacheco
Lawrence Novey and Sue Cohn
Evelyn O’Brien
Anne O’Connor
Norman and Mary Odyniec
Catherine and Kevin O’Keefe
Joanne Omang and David Burnham
Mary Margaret O’Neil
Jon and Susan Ozment
Julia Paradise
Shelley Parr
David and Susan Parry
Mark and Doreen Paster
Ellen and Edward Passman
Ann Patterson
Laurence Pearl
Thomas and Charlotte Peddicord
Kent and Sarah Pelot
Mary Pendergast
Mark Perlis and Ruth Lis
Elizabeth Piotrowski
Ruth and Harris Pitlick
Thomas Plotz and Catherine Klion
Arlene Polangin
Capie Polk and Jess Baily
Henry and Bunny Polmer
C. J. and J. D. Poortman
Charles Posner
Julie Potter
David and Constance Povich
Edward Prince
Stephen Quint
Bruce Rabinovitz
Lawrence Radanovic
Beryl Radin
Pushpa Raje
Charles Rankin
Nancy Ratherdale
Leslie Rathjens
Philip Renzullo
Galen and Diana Reser
Mary Reyner and Brian Steinbach
Joy Reynolds
Catherine Ribnick
Harvey and Jane Rich
Stephen Rickard
Anne and John Rigby
Anne and C. Willis Ritter
Eilene and James Robb
Carter and Jackie Roberts
Maureen and Douglas Robinson
Nancy Rosan
Leslie Rose
Rebecca Rose
Ira and Roberta Rosenbaum
Peter and Naomi Rosenblatt
Karen Ruckhaus
Catherine Rudder
Jairo and Aura Sanchez
Curtis and Silvia Sandberg
Anders Sandstrom and Barbara Lee
Loretta Schaeffer
Mary Jean Schaible
Susan Schiffer and Mitchell Goldstein
Rick Schlegel and Constance Neary
Stephen and Debra Schmal
Walter Schmimmerling
Jill Schuker
Richard Seale and Scott Yeomans
Martin Shapiro
Elizabeth Shaw
Mary Sheehan and Anthony Marra
Lynn Sheldon
Laura Sherman
Millie Shott
Earl and Pat Silbert
Mr. and Mrs.Ira Silverman
Deborah and Thomas Silverstein
Gail Silverstone
Rachel and David Simons
Katherine Slick
Christopher Smith and Gail Gorlitz
Barbara Pindar Smith
Janice Smith
Lewis Smith and Priscilla Skillman
Linda Smith
Martha Smith
Thomas Sneeringer and D. J. Fox
Richard Spear
Penni St. Hilaire
Tom and Susan St. Maxens
Dr. Suzan Stafford
Michael Steed
Roxann Steinberg
Charles Stellar and Neil Robinson
Joyce and Michael Stern
Melvin and Merna Stern
Carol and Tom Stoel
Elinor Stolar
Michael Stoto and Rosemary Chalk
Bill and Leslie Strathmann
David and Kathy Strom
Peggy Sullivan
Jack and Laura Summer
Michael Sussman and Renee Licht
Steve Swaney and Marisa Ramirez de Arellano
Marsha Swiss and Ron Costell
Dr. Irene Tamagna
Armen Tashdinian
Karen Taylor
Stephen Teplitz
Alice Tetelman and Martin Wenick
Sarah and Paul Thomas
Alexandra and Donald Tice
Tamara Tobe
Gillian and John Trattner
Robert Trout and Janet Studley
Elinor Tucker
Mary Anne Tuohey
Sarah Underwood
Esther Varkay and Shahbaz Mavaddat
Marjorie Venit
Joseph Voith
Linda von Allmen
Adele Waggaman
Stefanie Wallach
Margaret Warner
Seth Waxman and Debra Goldberg
Robert Weesner
Ron Weich and Julie Stewart
Alan Weinstein
Judy Weisman
Jill Weschler and Robert Nelson
Marjorie and Charles West
Joan and Sarah Wexler
Alfred White
James Whittemore
Phyllis Wiesenfelder
William Willcox and Harriet Tyson
Wendy Williams and Richard Diamond
David and Carole Wilson
Mary Wilson
Ronald Wilson
Rebecca and Neal Sumner
Steve Winnick and Marsha Jacobs
Carol Wolchok
Martin and Lotte Wolfe
Rebecca Wright
Roberta Youmans
Steve Young
David and Bridget Young
Kadir Yurukoglu
Linda and Manuel Zenick
Nicholas and Karen Zill
Stephen Zipp
Suzanne Zunzer
Jim and Diana Zurer


Carol Aaronson
Barbara and Johnny Allem
Frederick Anderson and Barbara Rose
Lynne and Robert Angerer
Ettore and Charlotte Appella
Gretchen Asmuth
Dr. and Mrs. John Attaway
James and Crystal August
Mary Azcuenaga
Elinor Bachrach
Thomas and Terry Baker
Isham and Josephine Baker
Judith Baldinger
Joan Baquis
Harriet Barlow
Mary and Howard Barnum
Mr. and Mrs. George Bason
Dr. Douglas Beakes
Noelle Beatty
Martha Beauchamp
Sean Beeny and Ann Medinger
Harry and Nancy Benner
Mary Bennett
Martin Bes and Flavia Pensavalle-Bes
Jane Blacka
Frederick Block
M. K. Bono
Sidney and Elka Booth
Randy and Barbara Bovbjerg
Jerry and Marilyn Bracken
Nancy and Thompson Buchanan
Deborah and Gerald Burg
William and Helga Butler
Jacqueline Calmes
Anne Carson
Mary Castillo
David Chu and Laura Tosi
William and Judith Clark
Sheila Cochran
Susan Cohen
Nicholas Cokenias
Catherine Collins
Jeffrey Colman and Ellen Nissenbaum
James Connell
Sophie Cook
Myntoleah Corbett-Monash
Damon Cordom
Thomas Corwin
William and Gouri Cousins
Jeffery R. D. Crockett
Page Crosland
Barbara Y. Crouse
Carole Crumley and Clark Lobenstine
William J. Curtin III
Tybe Diamond
Jurgen Dinger
John Dixon
Julie Donat
Annette Doolittle
Barbara Dresner
Pat Drolet and Kate McConnell
Suzanne Ducat and Stanley Cohen
Paolo Di Rosa
James Duncan and Jill Himmer
George Dunham
Betty and Burton Edelson
Carol and John Elliott
John and Nancy Elliott
Diane Epperson and Keith Roberts
Rachel Estepp
Carolyn Feigenbaum
Leslie and Hannah Fein
Susan and Clifford Feldman
Joyce Fernandez
Juan Figueroa and Mary Ann Knoeckel
Belva Finlay and Russell Edgerton
Ann Finucane
Christina Fleps
Albert and Esther Foer
Ron Folian
Suzanne Fox
Anne Fretz
Sonia Friedman
Douglas Frost
Sharon Gasser/VIVA
Joan Gervino
Clare and Frederick Gilliam, Jr.
Rick and Judy Gilmore
Eric Glitzenstein
James Goldberg
Rosalind Goldfarb
Michael Goldstein and Susan Schiffer
Delia Gottlieb
Karen Graves
Pamela Green
Jeri and Edward Greenberg
Gary Greenfield
Patty Greenwald
Rosaline Horwitz Gross
Marilyn and Norman Grossblatt
Bradley Gustafson and Caroline O’Neill
Patricia Haggerty
Mary Haines
Sally Halvorson
Albert and Jennifer Hamilton
Laura Hansen
Glenys and William Harley
Robert Hartland
Michelle and Peter High
Edward and Diane Hill
Albert and Brenna Hirsch
Ruth Hofmeister
George and Neil Hooper
Roland and Cynthia Hoover
Christine Horan
Lois Houghton
Fernanda Howard
Embry and Joe Howell
Judy Hubbard
Paul Hurdle
Lois Hybl
Sara Imershein and Mark Levine
August Imholtz
George and Ayah Johnson
Lloyd and Marilyn Jonnes
Frank Samuel Joseph
Alan and Cynthia Kahan
Peter and Susan Kahn
Chris Kalavritinos
Irving and Naomi Kaminsky
Howard Kaplan
Sally Kaplan
Angeline Karayiannis
Helene Karpa
Phillip Kasik
Robert and Hazel Keimowitz
Michael Kharfen
Lynn Kinch
Beverly Klein
Courtney Knauth
Shaiy Knoles
Nicholas Krafft
Susan Kraut
Sara Krulwich
Carolinn Kuebler
Edith and John Kuhnle
Constantine Kyropoulos
Eugene and Janet Lambert
James Lamble
Bruce and Ann Lane
Susan Lapetina
Marcia and James Lawrence
Ngan Lee
George and Carol Legarreta
Alexis Levine
Jay Levy
Beatrice Liebenberg
Evelyn Lieberman
Timothy Lipman
Sidney Lippman
Constance Lizas
Seth and Florence Lourie
David and Paula Lowe
Donald and Susan Lubick
Susan Lush
Rosemary Lyon
Peggy MacKnight
Florence Mallory
Mary Lee and Houston Maples
Noreen Marcus and Jay Sushelsky
John Maser and Susan Lutz
Peter Matteson and Karen Safer
Marcia and Clifton McCann
Mary Laurie McGinley
Monica McGowan and Ramsey Johnson
William and Ellen McKee
Kathleen McLynn and Andrew Hullinger
Sandra McPhee
Jean Meisel
Stanley Meisler
Susan Merewitz
Stuart Meyers
Beatrice Meyerson
Judith Michaels
Alison Micheli
Henry and Kathy Miller
Ann Mills
Deborah and Irving Mizus
Lewis and Barbara Moore
Pauline Morrison
Mark Moverman
Judy Moy
Barbara Murphy
Parichehr Navai
Marguerite and Kevin Nealon
Jack and Karen Newman
Joseph O’Hare
Eleanor and Len Oliver
Tracey Orloff
Heidi Pasichow
Michael Perazich
Gordon and Linda Phillips
Louise and Paul Piazza
Janet Platt
Colin and Jacqueline Pollard
Betty Portugill
John Prather
Michele Prokopchak
David and Laurel Rabin
Michael and Anne Rahill
Mary Reed
Thorburn Reid
Rhone and Lisa Resch
Jonathan Rickert
Eleanor Rider
Leslie Rod
Charlene Rose
Thierry Rosenbeck
Lawrence and Sharon Rothman
Gilda Schenker
Mr. and Mrs. Barry R. Schenof
Robin and Steve Schreiber
Arthur and Linda Schwartz
Giovanni Sella and Silvia Dinale
Michelle Sender
David and Sandy Shapiro
Emily Sheketoff
Gail Shelton
John Sherman
Beverly and Harlan Sherwat
Marie Shirey
Frederic Siegel
Nancy Simon
Michael Skinker
Dr. Bruce H. Sklarew
Deborah Smith
Bonnie Smith
Wallace and Jean Snyder
Joyce Somsak
Brenda Sonneveldt
Alison Spada and Thomas Reilly
Horace and Elizabeth Speed
Lynnette Spira
Arthur Spitzer and Elisabeth Boas
Jacqueline Stark
Claire Starr
Carl and Joy Stern
Alice Stewart
Will and Lois Stratton
Dr. Robert J. Strunk
Mary Sutherland
Elizabeth Swenson
Lisa Terry
Jane Thurber
Claudia Townsend and Paul West
Holly Troxel
Edna Turner
Barbara and David Turnham
Don Vater
Claude and Martha Villarreal
Jay and Virginia Vinton
Virginia Vitucci
Mary Vogel
Jane Waldmann
Stanley Wanger
Marilyn Washington
Bonnie Weaver and Michael August
Roslyn and Paul Weinstein
Stacey Werner
Mary Ellen Whitcomb
Louise and Burt Wides
Jonathan Wilkenfeld
Diane and Walter Winslow
Page and David Winstead
Barbara Wollison
Cheryl and Robert Wood
Mr. and Mrs. James A. Wood
Margaret B. Wood
Ellen Wormser and George Arnstein
Stacy and Julian Yochum

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