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Catrin Cole (Gemma Arterton) is hired by the British Ministry of Information as a “slop” scriptwriter charged with bringing “a woman’s touch” to a morale-boosting propaganda film about the evacuation of Allied troops from Dunkirk, France. She is noticed by dashing movie producer Buckley (Sam Claflin). As bombs are dropping all around them during the Battle of Britain and the London Blitz, Catrin, Buckley and a colorful crew work furiously to make a film that will warm the hearts of the nation.

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A Quiet Passion
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Cynthia Nixon delivers a triumphant performance as Emily Dickinson as she personifies the wit, intellectual independence and pathos of the poet whose genius only came to be recognized after her death. Acclaimed British director Terence Davies (HOUSE OF MIRTH, THE DEEP BLUE SEA) exquisitely evokes Dickinson’s deep attachment to her close knit family along with the manners, mores and spiritual convictions of her time that she struggled with and transcended in her poetry.

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One Show Only!
Wed, May 31 at 8PM

Thirty-something Kamper is the eternal boy who has it all: a beautiful wife he loves, a large apartment, a super car, and a dream job. When it turns out that his wife is unfaithful, everything gets turned on its head. His perfect job as head of a video game development team no longer has meaning, and his personal life is a shambles. Kamper cannot deal with this predicament, and he certainly cannot do anything abrupt. Struggling to understand what went wrong with his life and how to fix it, Kamper realizes that he faces two choices: adjust to this new reality or start over – alone.

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Opening Fri, Jun 2
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In the days leading up to infamous Allied D-Day landings in Normandy, France, beleaguered British Prime Minister Winston Churchill (Brian Cox) is fearful of repeating his deadly mistakes from World War I in the Battle of Gallipoli, and reluctant to embark on the large-scale campaign. Clashing with his Allied political opponents, Churchill receives support from his wife, the brilliant and unflappable Clementine Churchill (Miranda Richardson).

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Heather Booth: Changing the World
One Show Only!
Wed, Jun 7 at 8PM
Post-screening Q&A with Heather Booth & director Lilly Rivlin
Avalon Docs

Highlighting the work of the renowned progressive organizer, HEATHER BOOTH: CHANGING THE WORLD is an inspiring look at how social change happens. A strategist in over sixty-five campaigns ranging from voter registration in the 1960’s to immigration reform and the need for fiscal responsibility, Booth has been behind the scenes of many of the most pivotal moments in progressive movements over the last fifty years and a true force for change.

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Past Life
Opening Fri, Jun 9
Coming Soon

Inspired by true events, PAST LIFE tracks the daring 1977 trans-European odyssey of two sisters – one an introverted ambitious classical music composer, and the other a combative liberal magazine editor. As they try to unravel a disturbing wartime mystery that has cast a foreboding shadow on their entire lives, they realize that freedom from the shackles of the past requires painful sacrifices, as does the struggle to discover one’s unique voice.

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How to Shake Off a Bride
One Show Only!
Wed, Jun 14 at 8PM
Lions of Czech Film

Pastry chef Eva gets on beautifully with her ex-husband Honza, and hopes to reunite. They almost kiss and then share a candlelit dinner where Honza expresses his love… for another woman–a beautiful, likeable and sophisticated pianist named Linda. To top it all off, they want Eva to make the wedding cake for their upcoming nuptials. Meanwhile, Eva’s mother sees a window of opportunity to deal with one inconvenient bride.

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