List of Donors

Avalon Legacy Campaign Donors

We are grateful to the many donors who have contributed gifts and pledges to the Campaign. We thank each and every one of you. We have done our best to make sure that all donors have been acknowledged. If there has been an oversight, please let us know so it can be corrected.

Updated 23 Aug 2011.

$100,000+ top

An Anonymous Family
Chevy Chase Bank
DC Government
Douglas Jemal

$25,000 – $99,999 top

Ms. Donetta George
Ann Pelham and Bob Cullen
Deborah and Michael Salzberg
Daniel and Jane Solomon

$10,000 – $24,999 top

Janice and Kim Abraham
Ed and Lois Berkowitz
Diane and Norman Bernstein
Marcella Brenner Revocable Trust
Heather Burns and Kathleen Maloy
Bill and Lynn Choquette
W. Brad Clark
Geoffrey and Margaret Dawson
Margery Doppelt and Larry Rothman
Ralph and Louie Dweck
Herbert and Barbara Franklin
Christopher and Carol Sue Fromboluti
The George Foundation
Aaron and Cecile Goldman Family Foundation
Donna and Arthur Hartman
Susan and William Kirby
Josh Levin and Debra Fried Levin
Jodie Levin-Epstein and Barry Zigas
Paul and Annie Mahon
Mark and Cynthia Mancini
Kathleen and Chris Matthews
Anne McGuirk
Mark and Louise Novitch
Louis and Elizabeth Oberdorfer
Pepco Holdings, Inc.
Elias Savada
Douglas and Gabriela Smith
Raymond and Maria Turner
Debra Yogodzinski
Marjorie Zapruder
Juliet Zucker and Keith Laughlin

$5,000 – $9,999 top

Cynthia Baker and Jon Zeitler
Marlene Berlin
The Donohoe Companies, Inc.
The Max and Victoria Dreyfus Foundation, Inc.
Jack Edmondson
Ron and Diane Eichner
Letitia Gardner
Barbara Gervis
Michael and Rena Gordon
Robert Gordon
Grosvenor USA Limited
Colleen Martin and Martin Hahn
Bonnie and Alan Hammerschlag
Joseph and Lynne Horning
Ruth Kainen
Arlene and Robert Kogod
Andrew and Amy Mack
William and Heidi Maloni
James Mersereau
Hazel Moore
Adam Nemzer and Vali Tschirgi
Jeffrey Norman
Bill Oberdorfer
Sarah Pokempner and Jerry Levine
Barbara Porterfield
Carmen Ramirez
Beverly and Steven Schacht
Anne and Mark Shields
Esther Simon Charitable Trust
David Byron Smith, Jr. and Ilene Weinreich
Elder and Stanley Wellborn
Tom and Marisel Wilbur
Bob and Evelyn Wrin

$2,500 – $4,999 top

John and Lisa Arterberry
Cheryl and Orrin Baird
Dale and Jory Barone
Cecily Baskir and John Freedman
Max Berry
Philip Branton and Ellen Lazarus
Paul Browne
Jamie and Stuart Butler
Thomas Carroll and Charlotte Jones-Carroll
Child’s Play Toys
Perry Cohen and Rosalie Mandelbaum
Joya Cox
Linda Davis and Bob Richter
James G. Davis Construction Company
Ramon De Castro and Linda Feldmann
Victoria Doran
Samuel and Barbara Dyer
Dan and Toby Edelman
Sally Lamar Ellis and Stuart Taylor
Anthony and Marjorie Elson
Richard and Lois England
David and Judith Falk
Bernard Fitzmorris and Krys Kornmeier
Mary Ann and Peter Floto
Ellen Forte and Michael Kane
Michael and Susie Gelman
Michael and Cleo Gewirz
Nancy Gifford
Arthur Goldberg and Sarajane Johnson
John and Ruth Harris
Diann Heine
Harold and Bonnie Himmelman
Ann Ingram
John and Karen Jacob
Judy and David Johnson
S. Kann Sons Company Foundation
Anne Keiser and Doug Lapp
Paul and Leslie Kiernan
Micheline Klagsbrun and Ken Grossinger
Nathalie L. Klaus Charitable Trust
Joel and Dushanka Kleinman
Peter and Judy Kovler
Philip and Patricia Larson
Susan and Norman Linsky
Bonnie and Hamilton Loeb
Judith and Richard Meltzer
Andrew and Betsy Mencher
The McLuckie Famiy
Kathryn Oberdorfer and Joel Cohen
Frank and Jackie Paulson
John and Nancy Pielemeier
Lutz A. Prager
Barry N. Remley
Mary Ellen and David Rogers
James and Mary Sasser
Shel Schreiberg
Carol and Bob Schwartz
Tom and Carol Seitz
Robert Sheehan
Daniel and Maxine Singer
David Bruce Smith
Janet St. Amand
Elaine and Bob Stanley
Patricia Steen and Tom Dybdahl
Pam Stratton and Ed Case
John and Dorothy Tierney
James and Cynthia Tuite
Mary Margaret Valenti
Natalie Wexler and James Feldman
Terry Whitehouse and Richard Ansbacher
Gerard Widdicombe
David and Gretchen Willson
Robert and Joanne Zich

$1,000 – $2,499 top

Sylvia Abrams
ANC 3/4G
Alex Armstrong and Jerry McCoy
Shakil and Erika Aslam
Martin and Elise Baach
Kenneth and Judy Bacon
Tad and Barbara Baldwin
Allen and Martha Beach
Ira and Martha Berlin
Jules Bernstein and Linda Lipsett
A. Scott Bolden
Joel Bonder and Kim Holmes
Ann, Don, Cathy and Laura Brown Family Fund
Nick and Lydia Calio
The Honorable Mary Cheh
Bonnie and Louis Cohen
Thomas Cohen and Harriet Bronstein
Joyce Constantine
Nancy Crisman
Dawn Cuthell
Penelope and Alec Dann
Rebecca Darlington
Elaine Dauphin
Sybil and Xavier de La Renaudiere
Beverly Denbo
Robert Disch and Melinda Chandler
Richard and Sheryl Donaldson
Joanna and John Driggs
Margarita Egan and Brook Manville
Richard Ellinger
Robert Fagan
Fannie Mae Corp.
Stephanie Faul
Lois and Alan Fern
Bitsey Folger and Sidney Werkman
Beth-Ann and Carmen Gentile
Helen George
Barbara Gervis
Michael and Marcia Greenberger
Robert and Deborah Groberg
Florence and Peter Hart
Sylvan Herman
Katherine Hill
James Hill and Carol Galaty
Nga and Barry Hillenbrand
Wayne Horvitz
Shelley Kay and Al Policicchio
Alisa Klein and Craig Goldblatt
Bette Landish and Mark Winer
Catherine Laudwein
Dr. and Mrs. LaSalle Leffall
Griffin and Linda Lesher
Lori and Stuart Levin
Michael Lewis and Linda Singer
Deborah Linn
Frank Lloyd and Betsy Athey
Janean Mann
Ernie and Madalyn Marcus
James McCarthy and Ellen Jones
Kathleen and Jack McKay
Dan Melman and Ed Rogers
Jeanette Miller
Motion Picture Association of America, Inc.
Donald and Ellen Myer
Samantha Nolan and Randy Speck
Tom Oberdorfer
Norman and Mary Odyniec
Peter and Laura Olle
David and Susan Parry
Margaret Parsons
PNC Bank
Teresa and Jeffrey Puretz
Leanne Rees
James and Rita Regino
Carter and Jackie Roberts
Barbara and Sherman Robinson
Mary and Peter Robinson
Linda and Richard Roeckelein
Mark and Nancy Ryan
Steven Salky
David and Ursula Shears
Sean and Cindy Sherman
Alexandra Simmonds and Anthony Nuland
Bernard Slosberg and Mary Chor
Earl Steinberg and Claire Reade
Linda Reynolds Stern
Karen Swiderski and Jim Prust
Kathy Sykes and Steve Vetzner
Ron and Pamela Taylor
Nicholas Turner and Theresa Trzaskoma
Rangeley Wallace and James Denvir
Diane Wattenberg, in memory of Dolores Neumann
Steven Wellner and Amy Saltzman
Katharine Weymouth
Laurie Wingate and Mark Chandler
Diana and John Zentay
Mr. Alan Zich

$500 – $999 top

Anoymous (5)
Kathryn and Shep Abell
Esthy and Jim Adler
Robert and Andrea Adler
Marianne Alexander
Richard and Mary Allen
Nancy Alper and Ralph Kozlow
Laura and Perry Apelbaum
June Bashkin
Alan and Elinor Berg
Sanders and Sally Berk
Michelle and Allan Berman
Andrew and Sandra Boots
Paul and Joy Boyle
Luis Braz-Ruivo and Kathy Arrington
Joseph Brent and Ann Garfinkle
Anthony Buckley
Frances and Leonard Burka
Timothy Burr
Kurt Campbell
Carol and Wesley Carson
Chevy Chase Citizens Association
Felice Cohen
David and Patricia Cohn
Neil and Marianne Crane
Doris Criswell
Caroline Croft
John Cutler
Christine and Matthew Davis
Eric DeJonge and Melissa Turner
Stuart Delery and Richard Gervase
George Dellinger
Joan and William Devine
Kenneth and Rosalyn Doggett
Diana Lady Dougan and J. Lynn Dougan
Victoria and John Duff
Dolores M. Dunholter Trust
Karl DuPuy and Margaret Kepner
Kay and Richard Efron
Nancy Elam and David Levinson
Diana and Stephen Elkin
Anne Emmet
Lynne and Joe Englert
Marietta Ethier
Wendy Farrow
Gerald Feffer
Michael and Regina Feuer
Julie Finley
Sean Finnell and Gary Walbridge
Bevan and Mary-Hill French
Mary Froning and Ronald Ballard
Matthew and Lena Frumin
Sylvia Fubini
Victor Gaetan, Alex Gallery
Sandy and Karen Gilmour
Peter and Denise Glassman
Saul and Gail Goodman
Tracy Gray and John Iwaniec
Donald and Demetra Green
Alice Gregal
Cary Griffin and Tom Suber
Shirley and Elliott Hall
Leslie Harris and Peter Basch
Sherry Hiemstra and Decker Anstrom
Elizabeth Hilder and Randy Smith
Betsy and Michael Hockstein
Kristine Holland and Jonathan Banks
Bernard Hollander
Bernard and Carol Janicki
Adolph Johnson and Carolyn Mason
Elizabeth and James Johnston
Patricia Karp
Alan and Patricia Kasdan
Stephen and Linda Katz
Danette G. Kauffman
William Keery
Mickey Kelley
Aviva Kempner
Helene Grove Kenny
Austin Kiplinger
Evelyn and Michael Kitay
Peter and Ann Kolker
John and Pat Koskinen
Neesham Kranz and Ed Spitzberg
Jennifer Leete and Mark Patterson
Marian and Stuart Lemle
Mark Lewis and Rachel Kronowitz
Ada Linowes
Andrew and Linda Loewinger
Constance Lohse and Robert Brewer, Jr.
Ann Lordeman and James Steen
Gail MacKinnon
Lucy Mallan
Emma-Rose Martin and W. Phillips Davison
Janice McCall
Marjorie and James McMann
Jim and Karen McManus
Ursula and Frank McManus
Dorothy and William McSweeny
William A. Michie
Thomas Milch and Vicki Divoll
Aaron and Lindsay Miller
Hans Miller and Shari Wilson
Leo Mondale and Sarah Patton
Waldy Naimie
Louisa and William Newlin
Gary Newman
Virginia Newmyer
Larry and Melanie Nussdorf
Betty Ann Ottinger
Ms. Penny Pagano
Linda and Peter Parshall
Pamela and Mike Peabody/PRP Productions
Theodore and Lea Pedas
Paul and Joan Plotz
Jacqueline Prior
Susan Propper and Don Dankner
Stanley and Anita Rabinowitz
Susan Rappaport
John and Wendy Reaves
Fred Reiner and Sherry Levy-Reiner
Arlene Rodenbeck and Richard Morgan
Meriam Rosen
Sherry Rusher and Ian Urbina
William and Therese Scanlin
Susan Schmedes and John Gorman
William and Patricia Schofield
Molly and Mike Schuchat
Marius Schwartz and Leslie Ann Blackmon
Rebecca and Bill Senhauser
Judith and Hershel Shanks
English and Elaine Showalter
Ira and Gerry Siegler
William and Catherine Silverman
Jean Simons and Steven Solow
Kenneth Simonson and Jan Solomon
Cheryl Sirofchuck
Dr. Bruce H. Sklarew
Ron and Mary Slimp
Marianne and Clare Soponis
Kathleen Sparrough
Mary Gay Sprague and William Hassler
Brian and Nancy Stephenson
Mary Lou Steptoe
Eleanor Stoddard
Jean and Kurt Stromberg
Lalita Subramanian and John Pappajohn
Steve Swaney and Marisa Ramirez de Arellano
David Tochen and Mary Beth Schiffman
Bob Tracy and Martha Gross
William Truettner
Vivian Uttermann
Dita Verheij
Adele Waggaman
James Wallace
Jill and Steve Watson
Susan Wedlan and Harold Rosen
Robert Weinberg and Katherine Gruenheck
Andy Weissman
Charles Wells
Bob and Kathy Wenger
Carol and Tom Wheeler
Stephen and Elizabeth Whisnant
Louise Wiener
Demaris Williams
Harold and Dianne Wolman
Eleanor and David Woods
Aileen Worthington and Karl Western
Catherine Wyler and Richard Rymland
Missy and Mike Young

$100 – $499 top

Anonymous (25)
Ava Abramowitz and Neil Rackham
Anita and Ken Adams
Juanita Adams
Judith Adams
Susanne Albright
Lisa Alexander and Joseph Clayton
Karen and Kent Allen
Carolyn Alper
Steve and Amy Altman
Carol Anderson
Chris and Kay Anderson
Edward Angel and Susan Lamountain
Amy and Morris Antonelli
Tom Archer
Geoffrey Aronow and Melinda Halpert
Mrs. Laurence Aurbach
Margaret Bacon
Isabelle Badoux
Ann C. Bailey
Ann V. Bailey
Dr. Sue Bailey and Rex Killian
Thomas and Terry Baker
Hedy and Brian Bannon
Judith Barnett
Beth and Arthur Barnett
Susan and Edward Basile
Ellen Bass and Michael Farrell
Bonnie Baugh
Leonard Becker
Peter Beckerman and Kimberly Gross
Marianne and Harold Becton
Harold Beebout and Mary Frances leMat
Elizabeth and Juan Belt
Beryl and Jordan Benderly
Monica Klien and Philip Bennett
Robert and Kathryn Berenson
Martin Bergmann
David and Sandra Berler
Joe Berman and Marsha Gentner
Robin Berrington
Madzy and Albert Beveridge
Alice Bishop
Patricia and Ronald Bitondo
Ann and Bob Bittman
Moira Black and Henry Clay
Teresa and Brent Blackwelder
Jane Blair
Sharon Block and Kevin Hovland
Michael Bodaken and Fran Bernstein
Count and Countess Peder Bonde
Michael Boston and Eve Dubrow
Thompson and Judy Bowles
Marina and Matthew Bowsher
Susan Boyd
Alexander R.M. Boyle
Steven and Lauren Boyle
Judge Susan G. Braden and Thomas M. Susman
Sue and Steven Bralove
Carole and Nicholas Brand
Kimberly and Rodney Brandon
Jane Brashares
Vicki Breman
Bernice and Joel Breslau
Beth and Don Briggs
Karen Britto
Sharon and John Broadley
Susan and Stephen Brobeck
Marilyn Tyler Brown
Bruce Brown and Amy Rifkind
Madeleine Brown
Mr. E. Brylawski
John Buckley and Anna Bennett
Sallybeth Bumbrey
Janet and John Buresh
Don Burley and Bridget Rowan
Martin Burns and Wendy Kahn
Kenneth and Linda Button
Susan and Marshall Bykofsky
James and Kathryn Byrd
Edgar S. Cahn and Christine Gray
John Caine and Christopher Stefek
Michael Calingaert
Arch Campbell
Carol Campbell
Charles and Dee Cardiff
Thomas Carothers
Mary Carpenter and Adam Zagorin
Bob Carr
Susan Carr
Daniela Castagnino
Ernesto and Analia Castagnino
Mary Cheh
Harry and Carol Cladouhos
Peter and Agnes Clancy
Elizabeth Karcher and Arthur Cohen
Jeremiah Cohen and Linda Ryden
Grisselle and Richard Cohen
Edwin Cohn
Jeanne Cohn-Connor
Joan Colbert
Patrick Collins and Margaret Kennedy
Ms. M. Ryan Conroy
Kinshasha Conwill
Mary and Robert Cooper
Victoria Cordova
Maroudia Courpas and Jonathan C. Puth
Edith Couturier
Jamison Craft
Donna Crisalli
William and Jean Crocker
Jeffery R. D. Crockett
Kathy Crosson and L.W. Bailets
Daniel and Susan Crowley
Darwin Curtis
David Cushing and Julie Chapman
Janet Cyphers
Alec and Penelope Dann
Andrea Danzig
Oliver and Roxanne Davidson
Mark Davidson
Melissa Goldman Davidson and Alan Davidson
Cornelius and Kathy Davies
Deborah Dawson and Jerald Bailey
Sara and Stephen Day
Bobo and Polly Dean
Ms. Dallas P. Dean
William Decker and Laura Diamond
John Devaney and Debbie Reagan
Diana Dial
Anita Difanis and Richard Krajeck
Lynn Dixon
John Dluhy
Diane and Lowell Dodge
Douglas and Joan Dodge
Janet Donahue
Claudia and Peter Donovan
Tom Downs
Ron Dreben and Alison Richards
Paula Duggan
David DuGoff and Victoria Bor
Amy Dunham
Elizabeth and Tom Dupree
Deborah Dusault
Jerry and Faith Earll
Peter and Marian Edelman
Charles and Susan Edson
Christian and Giorgia Eigen-Zucchi
Sarah Eilers and Jon Cohen
Pablo and Helen Eisenberg
Neil Ellis
Martin Ellman
Kathleen El-Maaroufi
Ronald and Belle Elving
Richard and Susan Elwell
David and Lois Engel
Ernie Englander
Sarah Epstein and Donald Collins
Stephen and Beatrice Epstein
Eileen and Anthony Essaye
Patricia and Lorenzo Exposito
Joan Fabry and Michael Klein
John Faigle
Mimi Fasenmyer
Herta and Jim Feely
Mike and Doris Feinsilber
Stephen and Marcia Feldhaus
Marlin and David Feldman
Peter and Alison Fenn
Mary Ellen Fernandez
Naomi Feslenfeld
Christina Files
Benjamin and Leila Fitzpatrick
J. William Flanders
Peggy and Pat Fleming
Albert and Esther Foer
Benson and Pamela Forman
Barbara and John Franklin
Verrick and Patricia French
Nancy Frey
Janet Fries
Dorina and Robert Frost
Sam Frumkin and Susan Kay
Kathryn Fuller and Steven Doyle
Sally and Dennis Gaffney
Martha and Paul Gaffney
Terri Gage
Mitchell Gail
Sisi Gallagher and Michael Williams
Sharon Gang
Mary Alice Garber
Nancy Garruba and Chris Hornig
Sheryl Gilbert and Peter Jaszi
Peter and Robin Gilbert
Alexis Gillespie
Ina Ginsburg
Anthony Gittens
Sol and Nina Glasner
David Glass and Ann-Marie Lynch
Nancy Glick and Michael Leaveck
Sue and Les Goldman
Joan and Tom Goldwasser
Mr. and Mrs. John Gomperts
Leon and Maryn Goodson
Susan Gordon
Jamie Gorelick and Richard Waldhorn
Alan Gourley and Sarah Brown
James Gray
Dan Greenberg and Wanda Reif
Sally Greenberg and Abbe Smith
Mark and Doris Greene
Patty Greenwald
James and Carol Griffith
Mary and Ed Grimm
Grace Guggenheim
John and Susan Gurley
Dorothy Gusler
Lynn Gutter and Stuart Freudberg
Miles and Ronnie Haber
Sharon Hadary
Jerry and Madeleine Hage
Jonathan Halperin
Frances Hamby
Bonnie Hamlin
John and Kathleen Hammond
Frances Hampe
Tamara and Harry Handelsman
Joseph Handler and Joan de Pontet
Glenys and William Harley
Hon. Jane Harman
Jeannette and Robert Harper
Nancy and John Harris
Skila Harris
Robert Harrison
Barbara Freedman Haurand and Joe Haurand
Heart Sing Foundation
Mildred Henninger
Linda and Jay Herson
Art and Edie Hessel
Thomas Hesselbrock
Jim and Cynthia Hinchman
Charles and Harriette Hobbs
Ann Hoffman
Thomas Holzman and Alison Drucker
Alice Horowitz
Elinor and Norman Horwitz
Deborah House
Murray Howder
Jane Hughes
Elinor Green Hunter and Joel Hunter
Ruth Hunter
David Hutchison
Nancy and P.R. Ignatius
Lorna Irvine
John and Amy Isaacs
Peter Isard and Margaret Cooke
Ann Jablon
Linda Jacobson
Marissa and Billy Jacobson
Deborah Jaffe
Ibby Jeppson
China Jessup
Jesse Joad and Ann Bonham
Marie and Wendell Johns
Michone Johnson
Renita Johnson and Eugene Rothman
Rosalyn and Gary Jonas
Elliott Jones
Kay Jones
Michael and Carol Joseph
Barbara Kagan and Curt Mueller
Steven and Judith Kahn
Madeleine and Marvin Kalb
Wendee Kanarek
Maryanne and David Kane
Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Kaplan
Janice Kaplan
Barbara Karth
Stephen and Linda Katz
John Katz and Beryl Voigt
Alice and Peter Keating
Carol Kellerman
Kay Kendall
Lisa Kimball and John Cooney
Phyllis Kimmel
Brian King
Elizabeth King
Ralph and Marie Kissick
Annette and Robert Klayman
Bruce Wayne Klein
Shelley Klein
Barbara and Richard Kline
Phyllis Kline
Susan Klinger
Christopher Klose and Inga Smulkstys
Amy Knight
Amy Kotkin and Larry Lawrence
Andreas Kristinus
Charlotte Kuh and Roy Radner
Joanne Kyros and Tom Schaufelberger
Erwin and Philine Lachman
Vinca and David LaFleur
Bruce and Ann Lane
Sam and Elaine Langerman
Kitty Lansdale
Tamar Lasky
Steve Lawton
Ellen Lazar
Grant Lazer and Sarah Trattner
Jane Leavy and Peter Isakoff
Lora Leavy
Judith Leonard
Jane and Bob Levey
Cornelia Levin
Orin Levine
Arik Levinson and Susan Ullman
Dorothy Levy
Willee and Finlay Lewis
Ian and Ann Lienert
Joan Linderman
Katherine Livingston
John and Ann Loikow
Denese Lombardi
Gail and Richard Love
Marcia Lurensky
Dayla Luttwak
Angus and Joann MacBeth
Fern Mackour
Christine Madigan and Stephen Callahan
Kathleen Madigan
Mimi Mager
Lindsay Makepeace
Charles Mann and Laura Munder
Elizabeth Manresa
B. Thomas Mansbach
Marcia Marks
Betsy Martin
Mary Lynne Martin
Anne and Thomas Mascolino
Nancy Matthews
Gretchen Maynes
Michael and Hannah Mazer
Bobbie Greene McCarthy and Patrick McCarthy
Camilla McCaslin
Nancy and Nicholas McConnell
Frank and Cathy McCulloch
Mark and Pamela McDermott
Paul and Maureen McElroy
Mike and Carol McGarry
Elizabeth McGrath
Donnie and Geraldine McKethan
Donna McLarty
Joseph McLaughlin
Susanne McLean/Catch Can
Norman and Julia Meade
Amy and Marc Meadows
Ashley and Michael Meece
Kevin and Marina Meehan
Doris Meissner
Linda Meixner
Jill Merrick
Robert and Pamela Mertz
Andrea Miano
Linda and Robert Mikkelson
Robin and Stuart Miles-McLean
Devon Miller and Darryl Anderson
Jonathan Miller
Louise Millikan
Jessica Millman
Richard Mintz and Helaine Greenfeld
Joshua and Nicole Mintz
Robert and Anne Molofsky
Michele Gates Moresi and Serge Moresi
William Morgan
Barbara Morrison
Kent Morrison and Dale Clayton-Morrison
Richard and Lynda Mounts
Beret and Homer Moyer
Kevin Mulshine and Laura Kumin
David Murdock
Edward Murphy
Robert and Caryn McTighe Musil
Louise Myers
Naomi Naierman and Kevin Marvelle
Fred Nebel
Anna Nelson
Ralph Nitkin
Joan Norcutt and Richard Flutka
Steve and Marjorie Nordlinger
Aimee and Robert Nover
Mary Jane and Robert Nutter
John and Leslie Oberdorfer
Edward and Anne O’Brien
Harlan J. Oelke and Amelia A. Titzman
Diana Ogden
Morris Ojalvo
Lloyd and Nancy Oliver
Anne and Monty O’Neal
Andrew Orlin
Maureen Orth
Adrian and Valerie Parsegian
Barry Passett
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Passman
David Pate
Angelo Patterson and David Boehlke
F. F. Patterson
Sara and Arne Paulson
Sharon and Robert Pavosevich
The Paz Fund
Paul Pearlstein
Thomas and Charlotte Peddicord
Mary Pendergast
Linda and Robert Pepper
Judith Peres and Jerry Anderson
Craig and Denise Pernick
Ann and Walter Pincus
Matthew Pinkus
David Plocher and Mary Brittingham
Ira and Marilyn Polon
Mindy Portnoy
Karen Possner
David and Constance Povich
Capt. Randell, USN (Ret) and Mrs. Prothro
Greg and Ann Pryor
Molly Raiser
Ana Raley
Leslie Rathjens
Victor and Judy Ratner
Diane and John Rehm
Charles Reifel and Janie Kinney
Rhona Reiss
Rhone and Lisa Resch
William Rice and Myrna Sislen
Steve and Cokie Roberts
Maureen and Douglas Robinson
Ted and Mary Rockwell
Cynthia Rohrbeck and Phil Wirtz
Peg Romanik
Milt and Lisa Roney
Brian and Imogen Rose
Loretta and Glen Rosenthal
Sheryl Rosenthal
Char and Michael Rosnick
Stanford and Dorothy Ross
Carol Ross
Richard and Sylvia Rowe
Nancy Rubin
Paul and Sara Russell
Hattie Ruttenberg and Jonathan Molot
David Sacks
Ken and Susan Sala
Betty Sams
Jean Ellen and Charles Alan Samuels
Anders Sandstrom and Barbara Lee
Barbara Scherer
Lois Schiffer
Ann Imlah Schneider
Ellen Schou
Brian Schwalb and Michelle Simon
Linda Schwartz
Joyce and Richard Schwartz
Arthur and Linda Schwartz
Antoine Sebire
Michelle Sender
Filiz Serbes
Patricia and Alexander Shakow
Ken Shapiro
Dan and Amy Sheesley
Joan Shorey
Barbara and Paul Silberman
Earl and Pat Silbert
Margaret Silverberg and Ira Dosovitz
Gail Silverstone
George and Jamie Sinks
Theodore and Vera Sky
Alexandra and Benjamin Slade
Ronald J. Slotkin and Cheryl E. Wasserman
Bobbie and Dean Smith
Jane and Jeff Smith
Martha Smith
Richard Solloway
Barbara Somson and Ross Eisenbrey
Diane Sondheimer
Lorraine Sostowski
David and Martha Splitt
Susan Stamberg
John and Alison Steadman
Mark and Carol Steinbach
Betsy and Ralph Stephens
Barbara Stevens
Andrea Stone and Stephen Zuckerman
Florence Stone
Jeremy and B.J. Stone
Martin Stone
Barbara Stout
Alan Strasser and Patricia Hartge
Will and Lois Stratton
Dianne and Jerry Straus
Seymour and Patricia Strongin
Suzanne Stutman
Dolores Sullivan
Patricia Swann
Donald Swenholt and Kristina Harper
Ellen and Ed Synakowski
Anthony Szluc
Pamela Tallkin
Christopher Tawa
Richard and Jeanie Teare
Mei Su Teng
Barry Terney
Alice Tetelman and Martin Wenick
Norma and William Tiefel
Martha Toll and Daniel Becker
Willard Tom and Natalie Lichtenstein
Saundra and Jack Torry
Gillian and John Trattner
Robert Trout and Janet Studley
Hadley Truettner and Dan Robison
Philip and Sandy Trupp
Carol Tucker-Foreman
Mary Anne Tuohey
Susan and Richard Ugelow
Ruth Uhlmann and Craig Mathews
Julia and Leif Ulstrup
Sarah Underwood
Mark and Suzanne Vieth
Claude and Martha Villarreal
Curt Von Kann
Christine Waldmann
Deborah Wallace
Carol Wansong and Edward Loftus
Tom and Ellen Ward
Dick and Alice Wegman
Ron Weich and Julie Stewart
Maya Weil and Craig McCann
Herbert and Anita Weinblatt
Hal and Marilyn Weiner
Les Weinstein
Mindy Weisel
Herbert Werlin
Diane Werneke
Jacqueline Werner and Dr. Richard Soffer
David Wessel and Naomi Karp
Eliot Wessler and Laura Hays
Cecile and Tom Whitehead
Susan Wiener
Robert and Diane Wilbur
William Willcox and Harriet Tyson
Sarah Williams and Peter Mali
Marshall and Brigette Willner
Mary Willy
Beth and Gary Wisinski
Michele Wolin
Suzanne Wolk
Thomas Wong
Dorothy Woodcock
Mendelle Woodley
Shelley Yerman
Karen Yingst and Thomas Biederman
Maura and David Young
Pati Young
Julia Young
Linda Fink Young and Rick Young
Randolph Young and Mary Elizabeth Sheridan
Sharon Zamore
Linda and Manuel Zenick
Margot and Paul Zimmerman
Sherry and Donald Zowader
Shelton and Rory Zuckerman
Jim and Diana Zurer
Daniel and Barbara Zwerdling-Rothschild

Under $100 top

Anonymous (22)
Lee Abramson
Morris Ackerman
Tom Alderson
Nancy Altman
Frederick Anderson and Barbara Rose
Ettore and Charlotte Appella
Lesley and Bill Atkins
Doris and John Babcock
Isham and Josephine Baker
Joan Baquis
Ellen Barclay
Richard Barnett
Debbie Barr
Robert and Paula Barrie
Marilyn and Michael Barth
Jodi and Randy Bartow
Ruthann and Richard Bates
Michael and Sandy Bean
Nancy Beck
Susan Benda
Harry and Nancy Benner
Mary Bennett
Susan Benton
Johanna Berkson
Janet Berman
Lionel and Joan Bernstein
Judith Birch
Mary Louise Bishop
Anita Bizzotto
Jane Blacka
Jenifer Bland
Joseph and Judith Block
Joseph and Ilene Block
Tersh and Sarah Boasberg
Richard and Elizabeth Bohrer
Henry Boldrick
Gloria Borer
Judith Brace
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Cindy and Ed Brandt
Peter Breslow and Jessica Goldstein
Charlotte Brewer
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Caroline Goldie
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Peter Gould
Alison Gray
Rachel Greenberg
JoAnn and Paul Gretch
Henry Griffin and Pam Wintle
M. Meredith Griggs
Hazel Groman
Peter and Shoshana Grove
John Guffey
Catherine Gwin
Lakshmi Halper
Vivian and Christopher Hartenau
Rhona Hartman
Jane Hartquist
Ann Hawkins
Richard Hawks
Mark Heffernan
Michelle Hester and Stephen Eilperin
Frances and John Higgins
Diane and Edward Hill, Jr.
Robert Hofman
George and Neil Hooper
Melissa Houghton
Paul Houston and Kathleen Pagden
Sandra Humphrey
Paul Hurdle
Eleanor Hutt
Henry Hyatt
Enid Hyde
Rosalie Iodaola
Susan Ingram
Dudley and Susan Ives
Alice Jacobs and George Roman
Christine Jahnke
Michael Jennison and Denise Fantone
Ann Jimerson and Laurence Klein
Jeanette Johnson
Richard Jones and Jane Sundelhof Jones
Sarah and James Joyce
Andrew Kachor
Kathleen and John Kay
Louise and Robert Keeley
Spurgeon and Sheila Keeny
Mary Kelly
Maurine Kelly
Marie-Louise Kennedy
George Kinal
Richard Kirschner and M. Kay Gartrell
Julie and Jack Koczela
Elsa Kormann
Michael Kossak
Anthony and Patricia Kostreba
Mark and Karissa Kovner
Jeffrey and Carolyn Kramer
Sally and Marvin Kranz
Susan Kraut
Katherine Lacey
Eugene and Janet Lambert
Lynne Landsberg
Carol Lane
George Laudato
Jill Lawrence
Julia and Allen Lear
Caroline Lee and James Stokoe
Dr. and Mrs. Edward Leonard
Jane E. Leonard
Elsa Leonard
Susan and Michael Leonard
Guenter Lewy
Neal Lieberman
Ernst and Roberta Liebman
Connie Lierman
Noni and Rich Lindahl
Joan Linn
David Lipton
Robert and Caroline Lyke
Richard Lymn
John Maclean
Martha Mautner
Nancy and Walter McCabe
Margaret McDaniels
Johanna and Timothy McDonough
Monica McGowan and Ramsey Johnson
Carolynn McIntyre
Kathleen McMackin
Michele McNamara
Jean Meisel
Sally Meltzer
David Mendelsohn and Cynthia Shearin
Beatrice Meyerson
Alison Micheli
Henry and Kathy Miller
June and H. Todd Miller
Melinda Miller
Naomi Miller
Robert Minnich and Jeanne Fitzpatrick
George Mishtowt
Mark Miskovsky and Kathleen Curtin
Lorie and John Mitchell
Jeff Modell
Ed Molin
Yukiyo Moorman
Nikita and Carol Moravsky
Katharine Morgan
Patricia and Howard Moskof
Judy Moy
Joan Moyers
Mariquita Mullan
James Murphy
Amy Nathan and Howard Fineman
Ellen Nesheim
Paulo and Margot Neuhaus
Tillman Neuner
Eleanor and Len Oliver
Roland and Mattie Olson
Helena Openchowski
Michael Osborne and Dana DeLorenzo
Newton and Arline Pacht
Gary Parker
Shelley Parr
Heidi Pasichow
Robert Peck and Lynn Palmer
Elizabeth Pennington
Robert Petrella
Michael and Jill Phillips
Janet Platt
Thomas Plotz and Catherine Klion
Lewis Podolske
Capie Polk and Jess Baily
Henry and Bunny Polmer
Mrs. Burton Polsky
David Pozorski and Anna Romanski
Anne and Alan Proctor
Mary Stuart Proctor
Michael and Anne Rahill
Mary Lou Randour
Meigs Ranney
Marcia Reecer and Paul Bickart
Andy and John Reed
Kathy Remus
Galen and Diana Reser
Dennis,Tahi and Dennell Reynolds
Harvey and Jane Rich
Frank and Anadel Rich
Yale Richmond
Jonathan Rickert
Peter Riddleberger
Irene Rosenberg
Virginia Rossiter-Valvo
Judith and Robert Rovner
Elizabeth Rubacky
Patricia Salas and Harlan Cohen
Lolo Sarnoff
Stelianos and Angela Scarlis
Marylin and Richard Schaengold
Elizabeth and Steven Schaffer
Gilda Schenker
Susan Schiffer and Mitchell Goldstein
Audrey Schlesinger
Barbara Schubert and Steven Rosen
Jill Schuker
Helen Secrest
Rosemary Segalla
Peter Senden
Margaret Sewell
Elizabeth Shaw
Marie and Robert Sheehan
Joan Sherman
Beverly and Harlan Sherwat
Marie Shirey
Millie Shott
Carol and Martin Shulman
Marcia Silverman and Stephen Regenstreif
Nancy and Mark Silverman
Sam Simmens
Nancy Simon
Robert and Irene Sinclair
Sumitra Siram
Janie Sitton
Robyn Small
Gerald and In-Soon Smeenk
Christopher Smith and Gail Gorlitz
Leslie Smith
Randolph Smith
Lila Snow
Chris Snowber and Cynthia Hamilton
Cynthia Snyder
June Spencer
Thomas Spier
Arthur Spitzer and Elisabeth Boas
Stanley and Judith Sporkin
Cherie Sprenger
Nevzer Stacey
Claire Starr
John and Judy Starrels
Bob and Jane Stein
E. Tillman Stirling
Susan Stockdale and Todd Mann
Tali Stopak-Mathis and Robert Mathis
Jack and Laura Summer
John Symons
Nancy Taggart and John Furlow
Amy and Paul Tanen
Nancy and John Tanner
Jody Tavss
Nancy and Keene Taylor
Donald and Denise Terry
Oliver and Julia Thomas
Karen Thomas
Gloria Thrasher
Paula and Chad Tiedemann
Jean Toth
Helene Tucker
Elizabeth Vaden
Leonard Vaughan
Nancy Voisin
Joseph Voith
Carol Watkins
Christine Weiner and Richard Paisner
Fanny Weisblatt
Stanley and Joan Weiss
Judith Weitz
Paul and Margaret Weller
Peter and Meredith Wellington
Bonnie Wicklund
Alice Winkler and Jonathan Cedarbaum
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Cheryl and Robert Wood
Margaret B. Wood
Doris Wright
Ellen and Michael Yahuda
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