The Avalon Legacy Campaign Reaches Its Goal!

Avalon Legacy Campaign

The Board of Directors and staff of the Avalon Theatre are thrilled to announce that the Avalon Legacy Campaign has raised $2 million from over 1700 donors.

It took hard work on the part of the Board and staff members but most of all it was the loyalty, commitment and generosity of our many neighbors, friends, and business supporters who have made this achievement possible. Over the last several years the Campaign has undertaken a number of activities in its quest to reach its goal:

  • A series of public kick off events were held aimed at all age groups.
  • More than 20 home events were held, hosted by Board members, neighbors, friends, and businesses.
  • Over 13,000 direct mail solicitations were sent.
  • A phonathon was undertaken, headed up by two volunteers who recruited a team to assist in the effort.
  • Two major fundraisers were held, raising a total of $140,000.

This fundraising effort has made all the exciting improvements at the theater possible. In fact, since the early successes of the Campaign the theater has seen a continuing stream of upgrades and enhancements. The Avalon Café build out was completed in early 2009 followed by replacement of the electrical switching system and repair of the sidewalk and vault space. In 2010, the Avalon 1 ceiling and mural were restored. And last fall, the need for the emergency installation of a new energy-efficient HVAC system in the Avalon 2 was met quickly because there were Campaign funds on hand.

There are now two remaining projects: the soon to be completed installation of a new HVAC system in the Avalon 1 and the installation of an elevator to Avalon 2, which will begin in 2013.

“As the Avalon Legacy Campaign draws to a successful conclusion I want to express my gratitude to all the generous donors who have shown their commitment to our neighborhood gem”, says Juliet Zucker, Campaign Chair. “Every single donation, from the very large to the more modest, has helped us reach this moment and has allowed us to make so many significant improvements to our historic theater.”