Reel Israel DC

Dramatic, thought-provoking films from Israel, presented in partnership with the Embassy of Israel and the Washington Jewish Film Festival. Screenings are held every 4th Wednesday.

Upcoming Films

Baba Joon
(nr) 91 min
in Farsi with English subtitles

Yitzhak runs the turkey farm his father built with his own two hands after they emigrated from Iran to Israel. When his son Moti turns 13, Yitzhak teaches him the trade, hoping that he will continue the proud family tradition. But Moti’s passion is fixing up junkyard cars and bringing them back to life. The rebellious boy is not at all shy about letting his father know that he has no interest in turkeys, but for Yitzhak this rejection isn’t just a matter of personal interest — it’s an insult to all the values he holds most dear.

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One Show Only!
Wed, Jul 27 at 8PM
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Fire Birds
(nr) 105 min
in Hebrew with English subtitles

An eighty-year-old man’s body is found with three stab wounds to the chest and a number tattooed along his forearm. Amnon, a police detective and second generation Holocaust survivor, reluctantly accepts the case and struggles to bring it to a quick close. In the weeks leading up to his death Amikam, the victim, sought a ‘membership card’ to the most horrible club in the world: the club of Holocaust survivors. Despite his age he was still attractive and his charm was evident as he searched the obituaries for widows to beguile. As the story interweaves past and present, we witness each man’s struggle to rejoin the society which rejected him.

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One Show Only!
Wed, Aug 24 at 8pm
(nr) 98 min
in Hebrew with English subtitles

Thirteen year old Aharon Ninio is determined to win the honor of carrying the Torah scrolls on Simhat Torah, hoping he will win his distant father’s approval and love. But after Aharon wins the honor, his achievement brings ancient tensions to the surface.

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One Show Only!
Wed, Sep 28 at 8PM
The Pracht Inn
(nr) 91 min
in Hebrew and Yiddish with English subtitles

In the 1960’s, a group of Holocaust survivors are living together in a hostel in Jerusalem. At night they meet in the corridor to drink cognac and play cards. The inn is run by Mrs. Pracht, whose insistence on order and discipline (and her disdain for Yiddish) enrages the residents. Her insistence on order and discipline is all too familiar to former concentration camp inmates who now perceive freedom only in anarchy, an inner battle that will grow into a vengeful climax. An adaptation of Aharon Appelfeld’s novel Night after Night.

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One Show Only!
Wed, Oct 26 at 8PM

Showing Today Tue, Jul 26

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