Lions of Czech Film

Recent award-winning and popular Czech films, presented in partnership with the Embassy of the Czech Republic. Screenings are held every other 2nd Wednesday, in February, April, June, August, October and December.

Download a brochure with information on the fall/winter 2016 films.

Upcoming Films

Seven Ravens
(nr) 97 min
in Czech with English subtitles

In this fairy tale, a girl named Bohdanka learns that she has seven brothers who her mother cursed and turned into ravens. A local witch advises her to sew shirts for them, but not just any shirts. Bohdanka must pick nettles, process the fibers into fabric, and make every stitch herself. She sets out on a long journey to fulfill her mission and along the way she meets a stuttering prince who just might capture her heart. Will she save her brothers and in turn secure her own happiness?

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One Show Only!
Wed, Oct 12 at 8PM
Family Film
(nr) 95 min
in Czech with English subtitles

In this comedy, parents Igor and Irena set sail across the Indian Ocean with the family dog Otto, and leave their teenage children at home alone. No sooner have they left than the teens invite their best friends to the house. Meanwhile, the parents’ boat capsizes at sea, and the dog soon becomes an important player in their survival. When the teens lose contact with their parents, unexpected dramas begin to rapidly unfold.

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One Show Only!
Wed, Dec 14 at 8PM

Showing Today Wed, Sep 28

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