Senior Cinema Thursdays

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Seniors: Mark your calendars for the 3rd Thursday of each month to see the Avalon’s current feature film on the big screen.  Meet new friends and enjoy a morning of entertainment! 10:30 a.m. showtime. All shows will be in our more easily accessible downstairs theater, Avalon 1.

Tickets for this month’s film will be $5.

Wed, Sep 17


  104 min • in French with English subtitles • Official SiteBuy Tickets

A warm, funny, literate comedy in which two French actors portray two French actors, friends at odds with one another in every possible way, except their love of Molière’s The Misanthrope. Lambert Wilson (OF GODS AND MEN) plays Gauthier, tall, handsome, and the beneficiary of a leading role in a ridiculous soap opera as a beloved cosmetic surgeon who “saves lives.” Fabrice Luchini (who previously worked with Le Guay in WOMEN ON THE 6TH FLOOR) as Serge has met with much less success, becoming a middle-aged curmudgeon who has renounced the stage to live on the glorious île de Ré, off France’s Atlantic coast. Gauthier arrives on Serge’s turf to try to convince his pal (Luchini, in real life, a Molière expert) to return to Paris to play opposite him in a new production. When not arguing or rehearsing scenes while biking, they consider their options as personified by a local porn actress and an attractive Italian divorcée, as well as the lure of island real estate.

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2012-2013 Annual Fund

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