Reel Israel DC

Wed, Apr 23 @ 8PM


  105 min • in Hebrew, French, English and German with English subtitles • Official SiteBuy Tickets

The Iranians are bringing missiles out of their bunkers and within an hour and a half they will be prepared to “push the button” and launch the missiles at any point in Israel.
Against the time that is running out, a drama is being reconstructed. It is a political, scientific and human drama that took place in Jerusalem and Paris during the 1950′s – 60′s.
On his return from a trip to a concentration camp, Ben Gurion gives an order to develop Israel’s nuclear option – as an insurance policy for the remainder of the Jewish people. At the time only the USA, Great Britain and Russia had the bomb. OPERATION SUNFLOWER deals with the dilemma of the commitment of the Jewish People around the world towards the State of Israel and how far will they go in order to help the Jewish State. The Story that unfolds in the film, in the words of one of the characters, “was mythical.”

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