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Wed, Apr 2


  83 min • in English and Swedish with English subtitles • Official SiteBuy Tickets

A lovely and lyrical documentary about the passionate, mutually inspiring yet fraught relationship between the late filmmaker… and his lover, frequent collaborator and, ultimately, dear friend…it’s just great to see the exquisite Ullmann on camera again.

–Gary Goldstein, Los Angeles Times

Liv Ullmann and Ingmar Bergman met in 1965 during the filming of Persona. Both were married, and there was a difference in age: Liv was 25, and Ingmar was 47. But none of it mattered. They lived together for five years, had a child, and made 11 films together. Now, nearly 5 decades later, Ingmar is gone … but their bond remains. Told entirely from Liv’s point-of-view through an interview filmed at the house she shared with Bergman, LIV & INGMAR brings together excerpts from their films, still photos, behind-the-scenes footage, and personal letters to tell the tale of two great artists who were also human beings, lovers, and friends.

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